Strootman: 'I hate to lose'

What about the relationship with current boss Luciano Spalletti?

Who is the real Strootman off the pitch?

"Thanks to his work we are getting good results and we hope to continue like this."

"This made me feel really motivated to do my best and to return to the field as quickly as possible. And now I'm happy to be back."

"It was a very difficult period, mainly because I went through three operations. The last one was the hardest. Just when you think you're better, they tell you that something is still wrong and you need another surgery.

"Off the pitch, I’m much quieter than on it. I hate to lose, you can see that during the games and it's always been that way.

"In order to do this, I need to play and train hard and hope things continue to go well.

"In any case, if a Coach says something positive about me I am always happy."

Former Coach Rudi Garcia gave the 26-year-old the nickname 'washing machine' because he took all the dirty balls home from training and brought them back clean. But does he like the name?

Roma midfielder Kevin Strootman confesses  that he 'hates to lose,' but that he is 'much quieter' of皇冠外围投注f the pitch.

"Even during the rehabilitation period he was close to me. He is very good at listening to the team and loves to work澳门外围投注 hard on the tactics.

"My relationship with him is very good, I'm playing a lot and he always supported me, especially when I was injured.

"It was kind of a jok在线外围投注e, a nice way to compliment me, but in the end the fans have continued to use it as a nickname and call me that even now.

"Of course no one likes losing, but in my case it’s clear from the expression on my face how a loss affects me. Off the field, thankfully, I am much calmer."

“Today I think I'm a different person, Strootman told "I always try to be in the best physical condition, now even more than before.

The Dutchman also spoke about his injury nightmare that dragged on for almost two years, and praised current Coach Luciano Spalletti, revealing that he is 'very good at listening to the team'.

"I have to forget what that has happened and look forward. I feel good, I have to do is get back in shape again.

"It is truly a terrible feeling. But right afterwards I said: Well, now let's get going. Everyone in the team has supported me, doctors, teammates, technical staff.

"I work hard on it, I do exercises in the gym before and after training and I’m in close contact with the medical staff.